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Broadcast monitoring for the music industry

PlayKontrol enables you, content providers, to search regional radio and tv stations for broadcasts of your content.


Easy to use

Intuitive and modern user experience. Flexible reporting options.


Our technology provides detailed broadcast information for your songs.


Explore airplay data by region, station, artist and song in real-time.


Pricing plans scale with your needs and put you in control.

Revolutionizing the music industry

We provide comprehensive airplay data and intelligent analytics for independent musicians, artists and labels.

Being an independent musician, artist or label you often need to promote your music on your own, and information about when and where your music is being played is important to you because it affects your business decisions.

Traditional media monitoring solutions offer this kind of information but are targeting commercial customers which makes their services expensive and their media coverage limited to channels of commercial interest.

What makes us different?

Relevant stations. We cover over 1200 stations across 12 European countries, including all national and commercial stations as well as local, web and student radio stations.

Real-time data. Servers powered by our technology process huge amounts of data in real-time and deliver accurate and detailed broadcast information to our users on a daily basis.


Detailed Airplay Information

Airplay information shows date and time when the broadcast was detected, country and name of the station, song title, album, and artist, song duration and percentual length of the match.


Powerful Reporting Tools

Our reporting tools offer a variety of ways to represent and view your airplay data. Filter by date, country, station, song metadata, or match percentage. Analyze and compare songs, artists or stations.



Browse through complete statistics collected by the system over the past 30 days. Data is arranged into top songs and artists on different stations. View each station's actual playlist for a specific day.


Daily e-mail

Receive fresh daily reports directly into your e-mail inbox every morning. Choose between summarized and detailed e-mail or turn off mailing completely if that's not your cup of tea.

What our users say

" I greet the entire team. Recently I have started to use this and I must express my delight. It’s great to be able to see it all in one place. I hope it will thrive and I look forward to a successful cooperation going forward."
Darko Fiket
" Excellent service that helps authors keep track of existing work, but also gives a clear overview of field status and depending on that, directs authors towards better market positioning."
Andrej Babić
skladatelj, tekstopisac, aranžer, prateći vokal
" This is great."
Denis Špičić
pjevač, autor, Nisde
" A useful tool that gives me information about what’s spinning, where and when, all on a daily basis. Highly recommended."
Dalibor Paurić
glazbeni producent, Motiwwwo production
" No more beating around the bush, now I know exactly where and how much my music is being played. Thank you for that."
Antonino Šimić
" As a useful page with data that is very important to me for easier planning of promotional activities and tracking the effectiveness of past promotions."
Blaž Gregorin
PR, Promocija BiG
" Hello everyone! I’m sharing our great experience with PlayKontrol ... And I would recommend them to other potential users. The page/application we have been waiting for and hoping to get someday... So simple and so useful!"
Dražen Šestić
pjevač, Kit Karson
" This is definitely an excellent service for tracking song airplays on radio stations, and moreover I find it enjoyable to check out the reports, not just of my songs but also the Chart of most aired songs of my fellow artists!"
Vjekoslav Valetić
Autor, aranžer, glazbenik
" I start every day with PlayKontrol. I have some coffee and see if we are spinning somewhere and it means a lot to us as a band. We can compare how our single is spinning and based on that know which one is doing better on the radio. If some stations are spinning us regularly, we can contact them and offer some collaboration, and if there are stations that spin us less or not at all, we need to perservere with them and try different ways of sending over material. PlayKontrol really helps us and it is an excellent and very useful service."
Igor Hanžek
basist i bubnjar, Garage in July